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Dr. Shurooq Ahmed Humaid

Senior Psychiatrist

Dr. Shurooq is a Senior Psychiatrist at the Serene Psychiatric Hospital

  • "Bahrain medical licensure (BMLE) Bahrain
  • B.Sc. in Medicine. 2004-2010 Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt
  • Internship 2011-2012 Ain Shams University Hospital
  • Internship (Emergency &Anathesia) in Salmaneya Medical center.
  • 2000-2003 AlMuharraq Sec. Girls School Bahrain"

  • "She participated in several medical conferences and symposiums in Cairo and Bahrain.
  • She attended many courses in human development and psychotherapy
  • Participated with Dr. Abdul Karim in group therapy sessions."


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