Welcome To Serene

Serene Psychiatry Hospital is the first specialized psychiatry hospital for inpatients and outpatient services in the private sector, opened in 2015, this is a historical milestone as we have the first licensed private psychiatric beds in the history of Bahrain.

Serene has not stopped at just treatment as usual in the private sector. Serene established a family intervention program, through which we empower families in the life of their patients. Our team meets the family and caregivers of the patients regularly and involves them in the management plan of their beloved ones and this creates a comprehensive team that will follow up with patients at home after discharge from the hospital. This prevents relapse and decreases readmission.

One of our really effective tools is ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). This type of treatment is done only for indicated conditions and after the consent of the patient and his family. It is a low-energy electric current that is applied for a few seconds during which the patient will be sleeping so he does not feel anything during the ECT session. The feedback on the efficacy and effectiveness of this treatment is amazing in spite of the roomers around it.

One of the most important goals and values in Serene Psychiatry Hospital is patient and family education which is a systematic, structured process to assess and impart knowledge or develop a skill in order to increase participation in the self-management of health care needs which will improve the overall outcome.