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Inpatient Service

Our most powerful treatment tool is admission. The patient stays in the hospital to get assessment and treatment. He is surrounded by a well-trained team of different categories that deal with him 24/7, they give their reports to a team of consultant psychiatrists and psychologists in continuously scheduled meetings to ensure that the best care is delivered to the patient.

Psychiatrists and psychologists meet daily with the patient for clinical assessment, follow-up of his condition, to educate him about his diagnosis and his management plan, and to answer any questions he might have and address his concerns.

Different modalities of entertaining activities that promote patient progress are available in our hospital, such as art activities, physical activities in an equipped gym, a library that contains informative and inspirational books, arranged leaves with our team.

Serene has not stopped at just treatment as usual in the private sector. Serene established a family intervention program, through which we empower families in the life of their patients. Our team meets the family and caregivers of the patients regularly and involves them in the management plan of their beloved ones and this creates a comprehensive team that will follow up with patients at home after discharge from the hospital. This prevents relapse and decreases readmission.